How to wash a sheepskin throw

Nothing says cozy like a sheepskin throw, but what do you do when your throw is looking a bit sad, flat and dirty? Well, then it’s time to wash it! If you have a sheepskin throw (even ones from Ikea) - you can rejuvenate & clean them - don’t toss them! I know, it seems a bit intimidating but I promise, you can do this! At the end of the process, you’ll have an extra soft and fluffy throw to sit on or cozy up to! 

 W h a t   Y o u   N e e d 

1. Your sheepskin throw(s)

2. Baby shampoo 

3. Bathtub / Water

4. Tub strainer for catching lint and stray hairs - a must for septic tank users!

Ok! Now that you have all that you need, let’s begin!

T h e   S t e p s

1. It’s best to shake your throw outside or vacuum them to eliminate all excess hair/dirt.

2. Fill your bathtub with a 1/4 tub of water. As you are filling, put in a few squirts of the baby shampoo directly into the running water.

3. Take your throw and place fuzzy side down into the water. Start to agitate with your hands and you’ll begin to see the water get dirty. Keep washing and when the water gets pretty dingy, then you can start to drain water out of tub.Sheepskin Lambskin lamb throw hide pelt washing

4. Squeeze the excess water out of your throw and then now rinse, filling the tub this time with water only.Sheepskin Lambskin lamb throw hide pelt washing

5. Repeat agitation until water is staying pretty clear.Sheepskin Lambskin lamb throw hide pelt washing

6. Drain the tub and squeeze out as much water out of the throw as you can.Sheepskin Lambskin lamb throw hide pelt washing

7. Lay out the throw fuzzy side down on a towel. Make sure to lay it out flat like you would a nice sweater!Sheepskin Lambskin lamb throw hide pelt washing

8. To get out a bunch of excess water that you couldn’t squeeze out, you can roll the pelt up in a towel and step on it. Wash sheepskin throw pelt hide

9. When dry (will take a day or so) you can leave your throw curly (which I like to do) or brush it out.

B e f o r e  &  A f t e r Washing sheepskin throw hide pelt before

Washing sheepskin throw pelt hide

Whew! You did it! Now you can congratulate yourself by curling up in a comfy chair with your fluffy throw and some tea.

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