Leather Jacket

Over the past couple years I have made some ”pleather” sample jackets. Never fully completing them as they were just to see if I liked my pattern...and never completing them due to fear. I have loads of fear for the dumbest reasons. This case of fear is making something and not have it turn out perfectly. Making something useless. Something that ”wastes time and money”. I need to stop thinking this way as I know it’s not a waste, it’s practice! And it may turn out! So! I have started a jacket this time. In leather. No fear. Just forward.

Leather Jacket Pattern Pieces Above is the back yoke and one of the back side panel pieces cut out and skived.

Leather Jacket Back

 Back pieces all assembled and sewn. 

The leather that I used was bought as a sample, so that I could see the drape, feel, texture and color before buying a lot of it. So, after sewing this up, I can now buy more to complete the jacket. After trying on the completed jacket I’ll determine the kind of lining  that I’ll use. 

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