Leather Jacket: Skiving and sewing the outer shell

My front pieces are cut out, so it’s time to skive the seam allowances on the reverse or back side of my leather. Skiving or paring down of the seam allowances reduces bulk at the seams. 

Leather Jacket Front Pattern Pieces Sewing


Leather Jacket Sewing Front panels halfway sewn together. Next is sewing the front left zipper into the princess seam and the outer edge of the right front panel.Leather Jacket Sewing

....zipper in!

Leather Jacket Front Zipper Sewing

Getting there. Now the sleeves. My sleeves are 2 piece sleeves with a seam to match up with the back yoke seam. Leather Jacket two piece sleeves sewing  Leather Jacket Sewing Sleeves Front View

Ok! Things are coming along! I’m going to make some changes to my collar pattern before I finish that up then I can sew the collar on. My waistband is all cut out, but before I sew that on I need to cut out my lining and sew that all on ad figure out if I want pockets or not, then the last sewing step will be to finish with the waistband and snaps! I know it seems backward (and it is) to to design changes through the process, but, it’s nice to be able to see how the leather drapes and design with the shape of the jacket.  

Lining should arrive today!  :)

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