What gives you that sense of satisfaction and accomplishment? An almost addictive feeling of happiness? For me it’s figuring out how to make something from nothing (in my case, leather to handbags or accessories).  

Prototypes! When you have an idea in mind, it’s definitely best to see if your idea is even possible in the materials you have or will have. One can’t fully see if the idea will work out correctly, or how you think it might, until you try!

Sometimes it works, sometimes it comes close and is “fixable”, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it gives you ideas for future products. All of these outcomes are successful. There is no product without production! 

That said. Here is my latest attempt. I like the idea, but it just doesn’t “pop” to me. Maybe in different materials. On to a second round of prototyping!

Handsewn leather clutch handbag pattern piece

Handsewn leather clutch handbag zipper

Handsewn leather clutch handbag



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